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Bought a pair of these, one for a Ramiel, one for a Gym-Star and both have proven very strong and very rigid. They are a perfect fit for the turnigy motor…
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Welcome to the new Flying-Dog website

This is our brand new website

New design, new options, mobile friendly.

It is fully functional but some small bugs can appear
- if you find one please let us know - we will fix it.

Don't like building ?


Great news for all who like to fly but don't have time to build!

Very soon you will be able to order a model that will be built for you by the Flying-Dog crew !

Shocky ? no problem !
    Glider ? with pleasure !!

more info with prices soon

Ramiel EPP- fly it .... everywere

In stock !!!!

Styroprime and Styrospray 1000 Liquid Sheeting

video 1 - styroprime

video 2
styrospray 1000
applying and bending tests


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AXi 2203/RACE

AXi 2203/RACE

49.90 £44.95 £Manufacturer: AXI
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Availability: AvailableNew very light and powerful motor AXI 2203/RACE GOLD LINE with carbon shaft, integrated prop saver and three-point mounting lugs reach just 18g in weight. This motor was tuned by Gernot Bruckmann especially for area of fast indoor aerobatic models.…
RAMIEL Hellfire

RAMIEL Hellfire

45.00 £Manufacturer: GRAPE
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Availability: AvailableRamiel Helfire Designed by Andy Whitehead and Gary Holland Graphic desgned by Gary Holland Manufacturing by Grape EPP      MANUAL below is for 3D version  There is some extra carbon fibre for: fuselage and ailerons new build manual is being worked…

Ramiel Hellfire







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